Civil launches blockchain-based

Trading ltc road map. On august 21, the government rolled out a decentralized national digital identity platform that is based on the distributed ledger technology (dlt) and the platform was designed by both the national civil registration authority and kiva.

With 100 newsrooms on board, civil launches blockchain.

Civil is a platform for independent journalism that aims to develop an alternative model to support journalism. Blockchain-based journalism platform civil will launch, despite the fact that their token sale flopped earlier this year.

Civil launches blockchain-based

Civila community-owned journalism network based on transparency and trust. Blockchain-based journalism platform civil plans to launch in february.

Blockchain journalism project civil to launch in february.

Members have the power to challenge any newsroom that does not uphold the constitution, and vote on issues using civil tokens. Civil, the blockchain-based journalism marketplace, is building its first batch of publications one of the most confusing efforts to fund journalism in recent memory is inching closer to reality.

Blockchain-based journalism network civil has announced its launch in an official blog post on march 1. Unveils plans to launch.

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Says shes sorry for weighing in on a rape accusation levied against a writer on her show. Permissioned blockchain chain open.

A pair of llamas in arizona spent their afternoon on the lam. Blockchain-based journalism network civil has launched, with nearly 100 newsrooms signed on.

Sto summit share tweet. In the first three months after the civil registry launch, 422 members have staked 6 challenges to newsroom applications, as well as two separate appeals, and cast more than 4 million tokens worth of votes in challenges.