Quantitative hedge funds

Quantitative investment strategies have evolved into complex tools with the advent of modern computers, but the strategies roots go back over 80 years.

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Quantitative hedge funds

Hedge funds low correlation with other assets tends to dissipate during stressful market events, making them much less useful for diversification than they may appear.

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In quant funds, managers build customized models using software programs.

Quantitative hedge funds

While many hedge funds continue to struggle this year after a down year in 2015, a significant number of quantitative strategies have had a strong start to the year.

Some hedge funds powered by computers did not deliver dazzling performance last year, but that didnt stop them from growing assets by double digits, according to the latest hedge fund 100 ranking.

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Hedge funds, broadly speaking, are investment funds that have less regulation and more flexibility relative to other, classic investment funds, such as mutual funds (more on this distinction is written below).