Tech giant recruit

Recruit has been a force in the japanese internet sector growth.

Blockstack partners with japanese tech giant recruit.

The blockchainer asia.

Tech giant recruit

As part of the investment deal, recruit, which is currently valued at 50 billion usd, is purchasing blockstacks.

The announcement was made public directly by blockstack ceo muneeb ali, who tweeted, japan has regulatory clarity for crypto.

Tech giant recruit

Even if you dont have the recruiting power of an amazon, microsoft or facebook, you can take inspiration from these tech giants when youre trying to attract the best tech talent.

Startups look for japanese partnerships the block reported the startups new funding on aug.

You dont have to be a tech giant to recruit like one.

Blockstack announced a partnership with recruit holdings, a japan-based public company to boost privacy-focused apps in japan.

Japanese hr and tech giant recruit holdings invests in blockstack blockchain startup blockstack has received funding from recruit holdings, a giant in the japanese human resources world who will buy stack tokens as part of the deal.

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