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According to reports, jamaican police are currently refining a strategy to go after human traffickers using cryptocurrencies to hide from authorities. As part of their strategy to attack the scourge of human trafficking, the jamaican police are refining their activities to strike at those criminal who are seeking haven in bitcoin and digital.

Trumps decision to designate it as a state sponsor of terrorism a serious provocation. The deputy superintendent stated they are asking for payment in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a new factor which creates problems for law enforcers.

Jamaican traffickers turning to bitcoin to mask trail.

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Per berry, traffickers are both turning to the deep web, and to bitcoin and anonymous cryptocurrencies, presumably such as monero and zcash, to transact while keeping their identities safe. The jamaican police is refining strategy to hit human traffickers in the pocketbook, says deputy superintendent of police carl berry, even as the perpetrators are increasingly burrowing underground by switching to crytocurrencies to hide their transactions.

Deputy superintendent of police, carl berry, explained the problem to cryptocoins news traffickers themselves arent necessarily sadists, but are in the business for the money. For instance, last year, jamaican police reported that the human traffickers are now using cryptocurrency such as bitcoin (btc) to hide the track of their funds.

Traffickers in jamaica turning to bitcoin -- nationnews.

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Jamaican police are now going after human traffickers who have turned to bitcoin to mask their identities and transactions. (reuters) the jamaican police is refining strategy to hit human.